Hi, I am Felicia Rodrigues dos Santos. A girl of almost 25 years old with a great ambition to become a writer for on- and offline publications. My passion for fashion, beauty and all the beautiful things in life drives me to write stories and inspire people.

Currently I am a student at IEMES (International, Event, Music and Entertainment Studies), at the end of my second year. Next year I will proceed my study in Malaysia, at the Taylor’s University in Kuala Lumpur. Here I will follow the courses Innovative media – Media writing – Management and Visual communication. These courses contribute to what I want to achieve. To become a successful editor in the on- and offline media world. I worked as a chief editor at Scratch Magazine (a program of excellence at IEMES) and became a boardmember of #CLUBIEMES, our study association. I am a hard working student who loves to achieve whatever I have in mind. Being successfully happy is the best reward.

On this website I write about everything that inspires me. From a new pair of jeans, to the best places to eat or the most beautiful places to go to. In February 2015 my internship will start. I hope to work at a place where I can write such stories and publish it on a professional site. I love to meet, organize, inspire, write and work hard at a place that inspires me.

Would you like to co-operate or have your product on my website? Please email me for more information:

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